Frequently Asked Questions

Absence and Attendance Questions
1. Is it true that I only swipe my attendance card once a day? 
Yes, beginning January 1, 2018, the CCAA system will require only one swipe for recording children's attendance or one call to the IVR system per day. Parents will no longer be required to check out their children.
2. Can I just call in my child’s attendance once a day?  
Yes, there was a change. The CCAA system now only requires parents who have a child enrolled with a home provider to call the IVR system once a day. Parents are no longer required to check out their children.
3. What will happen if I checked my child out today?  
Although the system will no longer require checkouts, parents may continue to check out children with no effect. Parents will be able to check in their children even if they did not check out the previous day.
4. What do I do if I forgot to report attendance today?  
You may complete a previous check in tomorrow. Parents will continue to be able to record backdated attendance up to six days in the past. Remember, ALL parents may report absences by calling 1-866-960-6496. Have your card ready.
5. How do I report my attendance if I have lost my card? 
You must request a new CCA Attendance Card immediately.  Click on the blue "CCAA - Attendance Card" button on this webpage,  and then click "Request a Card".  Fill out the form and submit it.   The card will be sent to our office and we will contact you when it arrives.  You will be charged a fee if you have lost your card before.  Remember, you have 2 days to report a lost or stolen card.
6. Do lost cards count against my attendance?  
Yes.  If you lose your card, the non-swipes will count as absences.  You signed an agreement stating that you would use the attendance card daily. This is the only method of attendance tracking that CCS recognizes.  However, non-swipes do not count as absences if you are waiting for your first card to arrive.  
7. How many absences/non-swipes am I allowed before my child care is terminated?  
Child care is now authorized for 12 months and children are allowed up to 65 absences, illness, or non-swipes during this period.  If your child has more than 65 absences at the end of the 12-month period, your child will NOT be eligible to receive or apply for CCS for an entire year.   The only exceptions are if a parent reports to CCS when a  machine is not working, or if the parent has acceptable medical documentation that their child has a chronic illness.  Parents may request a temporary suspension of care if their child will be absent for an extended period of time.
Eligibility Questions
1. How do I apply for Child Care Services (CCS)? 
Click on the blue "Apply for Assistance" button on this webpage and complete the online application. Make sure you click on the "Submit" button.   You will receive a  letter telling you if you have been placed on the wait list.  When there are openings, we will contact families in our priority groups, then  families who have been on the waiting list for the longest period of time. A 12-day letter will be sent to you with a list of documents we need from you to determine if you are eligible.  When all information has been received and eligibility determined, an appointment will be set for you.  You will be e-mailed, or called.
2. I start work on Monday.  How long do I have to wait for child care assistance? 
You must first apply online and be placed on the CCS waiting list. The CCS program has recently changed and eligibility is now determined once every 12 months instead of 6 months.  Funding for CCS assistance is limited and the waiting list is longer than it was in the past.  We cannot give a timeline for enrollment from the wait list.  Remember you must contact us every ninety (90) days to keep your place on the waiting list.
3. Do I have to open a child support case with OAG to be eligible for CCS?
No, this is no longer a requirement for CCS eligibility.
4. Once I am on the waiting list, what do I need to do?
You must call the CCS office  every ninety (90) days and tell us that you still need care.   If you don't call us, you will  will lose your place on the waiting list and have to reapply.
5. Can I apply for child care if I work but my spouse is disabled?
Yes.  If your spouse is permanently disabled and you are working at least 25 hours per week, you may be eligible.
6. If my spouse is not working or going to school can I still apply for child care assistance?
No, unless your husband has a permanent medical disability, you both must be  working, going to school, or in job training to be eligible.
Something changed, what do I do?
1. My spouse and I were both working when we got on the program, but he lost his job.  Will child care be terminated? 
Not immediately, your spouse has 3 months to find another job, start school, or enter a job training program.  Your child care may continue after that depending on what you are doing.  Please notify your case worker to determine if your Parent Share of Cost fee can be reduced.
2. My spouse and I separated and we have 2 children enrolled in CCS. One child lives with me and the other lives with the father.   How will we pay the fees?  
Each parent will have to have their own case.   Each parent will pay the child care provider a  fee for the child living in their household.
3. I want my mom to care for my children.  What do I need to do?
Your mom must become a listed child care provider with the Department of Family and Protective Services before she can provide care for your child through the CCS program. Scroll up and click the yellow box “Provider Information, then scroll down and click on the blue box “How to Become a Relative Care Provider”. Once she is listed, you and she will need to attend an orientation class with us.